Shaped Natural Crystal Healing Necklace

Shaped Natural Crystal Healing Necklace

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Shaped Natural Crystal Healing Necklace

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Shaped Natural Crystal Healing Necklace

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This is a healing crystal necklace, made with shaped natural crystal. 
By wearing this necklace you will have the crystal on your body at all times, which will allow you to receive the healing qualities of your chosen crystal.
This is an elegant and meaningful necklace, made from high quality alloy with gold or silver plating.
Have it for yourself or as a unique gift for someone special!

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Choose the stone based on the energy you want to attract:
Turquoise: Strength, protection, connection to spirit
Red Agate: Restores vitality, protection, supports body functions
Rose Quartz: Love & Peace
Aventurine: Optimism, self confidence, prosperity, friendship
Tiger's Eye: Harmony and balance, helps to release fear and anxiety
Sand Stone (red, blue): Creativity, solidarity, truth, understanding
Malchite: Powerful protection, aids Imagination, intuition & creativity
Lazuli: Enlightenment, truth and developing psychic gifts
Opalite: Spirituality, removes energy blockages, assisting during transitions

Also comes in a silver version necklace.

Size of pendant is 1" (3cm), length of necklace is 18" (46cm).

Note: the pendant is made from natural stone, so the item you receive might be slightly different in colour than the item in the picture.

*Please choose which colour you prefer in the message box at the checkout. 

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