Caens Mirror Silver with Touch of Gold


Caens Mirror Silver with Touch of Gold

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Caens Mirror Silver with Touch of Gold

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Caens Mirror Silver with Touch of Gold

A stunning, luxurious classic French style wall mirror.  The thick frame is embellished with intricate ornamental designs and can hang in two ways.  This mirror can easily be a focal point to a room and is suitable to hang in places such as over a fireplace, a living room, a sitting room or hallway.


This high-quality piece of furniture is from our French Chic range an exquisite collection of opulent home and garden furnishings and accessories inspired by the elegance and glamor of timeless French chic.  Their furnishings are complimented by a luxurious range of designer fabrics and textiles.

Height:  75cm

Length:  84cm

Width:  7cm



Dining room

Living room


Sitting room