5 Amazing Design Ideas & Layouts For Your Small Living Room

   10 Jun 2017

Small Living Room Ideas & Layouts On A Budget To Make It Feel More Spacious And Appear Much, Much Bigger.

1. Decorate With Mirrors

A small living room, especially if it’s short on windows & space it can feel a bit boxed in. Create a focal point with a window style mirror, boost light and add depth all at once by wallpapering a wall and hanging a mirror over it. If you can place the mirror across from a window, all the better — the mirror will reflect the view outside, giving the impression of an extra window personaly I love window style mirrors.


2. Add Hidden Storage

Pick furnishings with built-in storage to limit clutter & also it very functional. A trunk or storage ottoman/foot stool or seat as a coffee table works well. Try a small chest of trunk or storage drawers instead of a console table to boost storage options.


3. Downsize the sofa

In some spaces, a full-size sofa won't work. Try a slimmed-down love seat or a petite sofa on for size instead. Choose one with clean lines and exposed legs for the airiest look. Occassional Chairs are a great look for a small space & a real focal point


4. Create A Fun Gallery Wall 

A gallery wall is a simple collection of art, images & collages arranged on a wall in a way that's aesthetically appealing and engages the viewer, like at a museum it can also trick the eye making a room appear much bigger. Gallery walls have been popular for the past few years because they're fun, versatile and a great way to show off family photos, inspirational quotes, mirrorsclocks, objects and photos that reflect your life and personal style.


5, The Layout

Use multifunctional furniture 
In a small living room, each piece of furniture should earn its keep. Think of using ottomans that work as a coffee table, footstool or extra seating, nesting side tables that can be moved around as needed or versatile little stools that can be seats or tables.Choose small-scale furniture. Look for small sofas,chaise lounges, love seats and chairs that can work for your space.


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